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Smile! Now you can be comfortable at the dentist.*

Sure, going to the dentist isn’t your favorite thing. Caring Dentistry of San Rafael understands. So we make visiting a more pleasant experience than you’ve ever imagined thanks to:

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The healthier alternative to bridges and dentures... and a central focus of Dr. Miller. ... more

Faster Healing with PRP ...

For years, Dr. Miller has been concerned about the way people heal after implant surgery and has searched for a way to help his dental implant patients heal faster with reduced bleeding and bruising, less swelling and faster bone growth around the implants. ... more

Computer Guided Implant Diagnosis and Placement...

Dr. Miller uses a specialized CAT scan much like that used in major hospitals around the country for high-level diagnosis. The iCAT, however, takes images of only the jaws where the implants are to be placed. ... more


What do our patients think about our dental implant services?

Sylvia F.Dear Dr. Miller,

I am so grateful to you for making my dental implant treatment so easy. I had been to several dentists looking for a solution to my problematic loose lower denture. In one visit you changed my life. Now my denture fits perfectly and I can eat and smile with no worries. You and your great staff are the best!

Tim, you and your wife are welcome at our place for dinner.

Sylvia F., San Rafael


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