Dentures and Implants - How Implants Help the Denture Wearer

Many patients with dentures have a fear of them falling out at an inopportune moment. Others have problems biting into food, like apples, or difficulty speaking clearly & confidently. Numerous denture wearers in our practice have lessened or even eliminated the above concerns with dental implants. Genarally the more implants one has, the smaller we can make the restoration.

The possibilities are almost endless. Every patient is different and the solutions are often unique. Factors include health and medical history, quantity and quality of jaw bone, personal temperament and ability to tolerate surgery and more. As Dr. Miller gets to know you and understand your unique oral challenges he will come up with some options for your treatment. Initial consultations are complimentary.

Here are some examples:

Two Implant Stabilization

Implant Supported Denture

A denture with two implants helps hold it in place.

Bar Supported

Implant Supported Denture

With four implants we can make a bar which holds the denture more securely, and allows us to make the denture smaller.

Fully Implant Supported

Implant Supported denture

As the number of implants increases the “Denture” becomes smaller. With six implants we can screw the denture in place so it stays in all the time and is even more stream-lined; this photograph shows an upper denture where we were able to eliminate the acrylic that would normally cover the palate.